On the left is Colby.  Sadly no longer with us, Colby was adopted (age 5) in 2012 by Bone Appetit's owner from Love of Labs (lolin.org).   Logan,, also a yellow lab, was adopted in 2017 at age 2 from Central Indiana Lab Rescue (cilra.org).  

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We Recommend and Support Rescue

​Rescued and adoptable pets range in age from puppies to seniors, and many breeds have their own rescue groups.  Although some rescued dogs have special needs, most do not have serious behavior or health issues. 

Rescue groups and community animal shelters do an amazing job of saving dogs and finding them forever homes.  In Nashville, the Brown County Humane Society had a remarkable annual save rate in 2017 of 98%, and they are on track for more of the same in 2018!  Our congratulations to a fantastic effort!

We will happily deliver any 'wish list' item you purchase at Bone Appetit and want to donate to the BCHS. 

All rescue groups need supplies and donations to continue their great work.  Contact your local group to see what they need.  They're worth it!

In addition to our large selection of all natural treats, we carry many other dog (and a few cat) related items.  In-store, we feature the most durable dog toys currently available by West Paw (made in the U.S.), Kong, and Tuffies.  We are proud to offer Lupine leashes and collars (guaranteed for any reason, even if chewed), One Fur All Pet Candles, natural grooming products, and so much more!  All of our chews are American sourced and made.  Don’t miss us on your next visit to Nashville.  

We offer reduced pricing to resellers and non-profits

Registered retailers and non-profit organizations may purchase our bulk products at low wholesale pricing.   Bulk treats are available with or without packaging.   

The minimum order required to receive wholesale pricing is $100.00. Standard shipping rates apply.  

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