Bone Appetit Bakery

  the barkingood place for dogs

Looking for just the right gift for your favorite dog or dog-person?  Holiday themed, premium dog cookies are always fun, and, of course,  they're always yummy (if you're a dog)!

Select your favorites

 Fall in Nashville is a special time. 

Celebrate the season with fun, hand-decorated treats.   


Mini pumpkins are a softly crunchy 1.5 inch vanilla treat. 

Mini Candy corns are 1.5 inch softly crunchy peanut butter.  

Ghost is softly crunchy, 2.5 inch, vanilla flavor

Mummy Face is cheese flavor and a very crunchy 2.5 inches. 

Pumpkin is 3 inch, very crunchy sweet potato flavor. 

Turkey is 3-inch crunchy sweet potato flavor