TINY TREATS   Made especially for our smallest friends, but also great for training larger dogs.  Softly crunchy, bone shaped and just under 3/4 inch.   All are wheat, corn, and soy free.  Find ingredients here. ​​

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CRUNCHERS   Crunchy texture; various shapes and sizes.  Bones are approximately 2-inch.   Find ingredients here.​​

2-inch round biscuit
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SOFTER TEXTURED TREATS   Our best selling treats!  Softer textured in a variety of sizes and shapes.  All are wheat, corn, and soy free. Enjoyed by dogs of all sizes.  ​Find ingredients here.​​  ​​

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1-inch round biscuit
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GRAIN FREE TREATS    ​Softly crunchy, 1-inch biscuit.  Enjoyed by dogs of all sizes. Find ingredients here. ​​​​​​

SAMPLER   Some dogs just love variety! Try a little of every size, flavor, texture, and shape in our mixed “Sampler” bag.  (does not include 'functional' treats)​​

FUNCTIONAL TREATS     In addition to being a yummy, soft treat, these treats offer other benefits as well.  Choose from Probiotic(for digestion) or Glucosamine (for joint health).  Recommended Serving:  Up to 25 lbs. - 2 chews daily;  26 to 75 lbs. - 3 chews daily;  Over 75 lbs. - 4 chews daily​​   Find Ingredients here​​​.​​

CRUNCHY CAT TREATS  Just the right size for cat mouths;  scrumptious chicken or whitefish. ​​

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