Grain Free

CRUNCHY CAT TREATS  Just the right size for cat mouths;  scrumptious chicken or whitefish. ​​

GRAIN FREE TREATS    New Flavor.  3/4 inch bone.​​​​​​

Crunchy Pumpkin

Premium, Natural Bulk Treats 

1-inch round biscuit

SOFTER TEXTURED TREATS    Softer textured and chewy, these come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Enjoyed by dogs of all sizes.  ​Find ingredients here.​​  ​​

2-inch round biscuit

SAMPLER   Some dogs just love variety! Try a little of every size, flavor, texture, and shape in our mixed “Sampler” bag.  (does not include 'functional' treats)​​


One of our major bakery suppliers has chosen to temporarily discontinue production of several treat flavors.  We are, however, excited to welcome 3 new suppliers and some great NEW treat flavors:  still all natural, still all made in the U.S.  Early reviews have been great !!  We will be adding more choices, so please check back often.   We also hope to have your favorites back in stock soon. Thank you for your patience!

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2-inch round biscuit
Soft Crunch

CRUNCHERS   Crunchier texture.  Bones are about 2 inches long.  Other shapes are about 1 inch

1/2 inch hearts

TINY TREATS   Made especially for our smallest friends, but also great for training larger dogs.  Softly crunchy, bone shaped and just under 3/4 inch.    Find ingredients here. ​​

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FUNCTIONAL TREATS     In addition to being a yummy, soft treat, these treats offer other benefits as well.  Choose from Probiotic(for digestion) or Glucosamine (for joint health).  Recommended Serving:  Up to 25 lbs. - 2 chews daily;  26 to 75 lbs. - 3 chews daily;  Over 75 lbs. - 4 chews daily​​   Find Ingredients here​​​.​​

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